This is a review of "Blue" recorded by Seven Hours. The review was written by Chris Woolford in 2005.

Did you ever notice how much Bradford is like Los Angeles? No, neither did I, but BD’s Seven Hours propel me into the dark and dirty underground blues bars of LA’s cinematic masterpiece ‘Swingers’ with a “You’re so the money baby” and a blast of EA Hockey. Now where’s Heather Graham?

Bouncing bass opens proceedings in the aptly named Blue. Quickly supported by swinging drums and twangs of Telecaster, singer Dave Holmes whispers melancholy mumblings of falling in and out of love and getting through one mother of a bad day. Lyrically its depressing stuff. So why does it make me want to grab the nearest lady by the hand, spin her round, throw her through my legs and catch her on the other side in a sweeping dancehall move of Olympic-type proportions. Good stuff.

The tempo drops down with next track Money. The lead vocals hit new peaks of rawness (clearly helped by 20 Bensons with a bottle of Bourbon) and clever guitar trickery moves the track into top gear with wailing overdrive and an interesting break down instrumental.

The Hours end on Where Has My Love Gone? The song positively hops along and a blazing guitar riff powers through the chorus behind paranoid and heart broken tales of lying and cheating. It’s time to kick your shoes off for a boogie during the middle eight, then we end on a bang with Dave Holmes sounding gruffer than ever as he belts out the closing lines.

Overall this is strong stuff. The production could be better but the passion of Seven Hours’ songs shines through. This band are “the money baby”. Just don’t leave over-enthusiastic messages on their answer phone.