This is a review of "What's My Problem Today?" recorded by Eighty Six. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2001.

Ten-track album "What's My Problem Today?" has a self-classification of "driving, melodic punk" which is a surprise, as 'punk' is clearly not a term I would have used myself. Whilst they may look like three typical guitar punk band members, their record drifts more closely around various levels of alternative rock: imagine a sound between At The Drive-In and Foo Fighters, without encroaching on either. As with the intense guitar rock attitude, the vocals also meander around, suiting delivery and styles to individual songs with apparent ease: from "I clench my fists so hard I break the skin" to "The winter sun killed the sweetest moon..." Yet despite the attempted variety - the occasional sample, the melancholy, the melody and the angst - all ten tracks swim around the same alt-rock pool, and it's not that big a pool. Though this doesn't produce an adverse reaction to the listener. Ten strong tracks, one album and certainly well worth a listen.