This is a review of "Our Glorious Five Year Plan" recorded by Farming Incident. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

The black sheep of the Wrath Records family, Farming Incident have been ploughing (ouch) their trade in these fields, as it says on the tin, for five years or so. If you are already familiar with the band then it will be somewhat of a disappointment that after five years their first full album should simply turn out to be “a best of”. Of the ten songs on offer only the instrumental “Hyde Park” has never previously been released (well not to our knowledge). So perfectionists or just lazy arses? Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and go with the former.

Now for those unfamiliar with the band this is an excellent introduction and covers all the angles of what it is to live in the grey sky-lined world of Farming Incident. It should however be stated that Agent Procktaur’s flatter than Mark E Smith’s vocal style will not be to everyone’s taste and if you don’t like your songs to brood, build, swell and be packed with discordant guitar then this is best avoided.

In their own cult world this has indeed been a glorious five year mission and songs like the pounding Fall-esque “When Your Political Ideology Has Gone Out of Fashion” or the grinding bass that carries “The Equaliser” demonstrate what a ride it’s been. Last year's single “The Flute of Shame” provides a lighter moment with its no-pop sounds and line “Play thoses songs correctly or taste the flute of shame” and the band show they can even do subtle with “Gravitational Lenz”.

Still hard to fathom, miles from mainstream (thank The Lord), still dark and still clearly enjoying being so. Let’s hope the next album is one of new tracks and doesn’t take as long to deliver.