This is a review of "California / Hear My Voice" recorded by The Gold Fever. The review was written by Rory Holl in 2005.

Oh no it's that dreaded genre, a genre in which a band can be very very good or damn shite! Strangely enough The Gold Fever are neither, they have simple Ramones style guitar riffs mixed with indie melodies and vocals, yes kids, here we have another Indie-punk record, a genre which has confused us all.

The title track is a catchy little number with some good tight playing and some pleasant vocals, but nothing original and nothing inspiring is going on here. So with its lack of body or dynamics as far as production goes, they kind of let themselves down.

Okay so I am harsh and I can put this record down, but this is only my opinion, these guys obviously enjoy playing their music and have a lot of influences that do shine through and also some half decent talent to boot and I would probably go see them live and see if they could play a blinder of a show as a good old two-fingers up to me - but this is the only evidence I have of them and it's just not for me. The second track "Hear My Voice" contains a chord progression that I have probably heard 8 billion times before and the echo-megaphone vocals are quite annoying, making rather a passable B-side.

But don't let this knock you down guys, you've got potential and I would look forward to hearing some more stuff from you in the future.