This is a review of "Suddenly / I See" recorded by Beautiful Feet. The review was written by Sam Robson in 2005.

Beautiful Feet? The best way to maintain beautiful feet is to make sure they don’t work at anything more than walking pace, so follows the theme of the band’s music. “Suddenly” sounds very much in the genre of Coldplay but also sounding a bit like the Unbelievable Truth, with a mighty hook stringing the verse to the chorus rather tentatively. The opening line of “suddenly you complete me” makes me a little feel a little unstable in the stomach area but I’m intrigued enough by bright arrangements to listen on. This is fortunate too because “I see” takes on a more commanding role with the listener with some unusual drumming and a more assertive bridge-chorus progression. The darker feel incorporating odd monk-style backing vocals gives the sound more edge and steers the band confidently away from bed-wetting inclinations that might have been suggested by track one. Nice tunes to take home to your mum, unless your mum is Sharon Osbourne.