This is a review of "136 Miles EP" recorded by fallaroundhere. The review was written by Tony Pasquariello in 2005.

In recent years, so many Bradford bands have passed through without a mention, by not living up to the hype that has been set by their peers. But fallaroundhere are about to change all this for the better. A group of four University students, they have been together since 1998 recording music in different guises with limited success. Finally they appear to have the inspiration and vision to create masterpieces, and this 4 track gathering is truly an exceptional piece of work. Their music has been described as “raw and to the point” by some, and this is clearly evident on this EP.

It is hard to categorise their musical style, because they could fall into a lot of categories. On first listen I’m thinking early Manic Street Preachers, especially in the vocal content but listening again I can pick out a distinct dark Radiohead vibe. Very hard to describe this style. More importantly, the standout track has got to be the EP’s title, 136 Miles. This is one of the best tracks I have heard for a long while, due to its exceptional guitar work and driving bass line.

Sadly, the 3rd track on the EP lets it down slightly, as it meanders into an oblivion of nothing, but the other tracks on there make up for this in quality. Although the EP is truly exceptional, this band has to be seen live to appreciate them in all their shining glory. Remember the name fallaroundhere. Go and see them.