This is a review of "The April Shower Demo" recorded by Susskind. The review was written by Rory Holl in 2005.

First of all I was going to blast them on the production here but, no, because it clearly states that it is a demo so I'll forgive Susskind for that.

Title track is a kind of pop-metal fusion combining elements of 80's mainstream metal with nu-wave indie-like vocals and not a bad attempt on it either!! The vocalist's efforts are very ear-fetching and don't hit a wrong note on any of the songs, the two guitars aren't very identifyable from each other but that's probably down to the demo quality production, the drums are rather disappointing, Matt the drummer often missing the odd beat but nevertheless nothing that is particularly outstanding and terrible on the ear. Oh and not a bad guitar solo!

Second track TFK mellows out a bit with a very cliche soft-emo guitar riff leaking out in a crunchy distorted sound. This track sounds like it has been recorded in a bathroom! This band are clearly falling into the indie-emo category, but having said that they pull it off better than most do.

Third track Semper spits out into a funky Rage Against The Machine riff, and the vocals sounding like Chris Cornell... Argh wait a minute, they've turned into Audioslave!!! Not a bad tune but same old, same old really. It's played well, it's just not particularly original and they seem to be trying too hard to sound like their influences.

Overall not a bad record at all, but all can be said is they need to try develope their own sound, with fairly capable musicians and a very very good vocalist I am sure this won't be too hard to do.