This is a review of "Please Note" recorded by Dolores. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

Dolores offer up five atmospheric and mature sounding tracks on this their debut EP “Please Note...” Occasionally blending Radiohead intensity with Sneaker Pimps sultry and Portishead dark it’s a brooding mixture which is aptly summed up by the band themselves as “filmic”. But atmosphere alone does not always engage and this is a mixed bag that loses momentum as the CD progresses. Opener “Intensive Care” is all swirling echoing guitar and Fuzzy Jones has an intimate relationship with her mic. Likewise the appropriately titled “A short film about...” paints pictures with an epic landscape. Not particularly memorable but you know they mean it. Jones vocals are the real highlight here, a real talent in the making.

The wandering “Air” keeps the mood but loses the inspiration and when it resorts to an ending packed with bar room fret wibbling it’s skip time. By the time closer “Practically Unkind” passes by in a forgettable blink of funk-lite guitar the memories of the opening dark intent are faint.

With a great vocal lead, an ear for an interesting sound and the urge to avoid being just another stockpile “Big” sounding guitar band, Dolores might currently lack the killer tunes to propel them to the next step but don’t be surprised if the pieces start fit before too long.