This is a review of "Mirror Kissers" recorded by The Cribs. The review was written by Holden DeForge in 2005.

With another single from forthcoming album 'The New Fellas' this is The Cribs' latest slice of disjointed guitar pop. It sounds rough and ready, like they just got together in their garage and hit record on that old Bush tape player. The guitars scrape and scratch as it all jigs along at a merry pace. The vocals are infectious and you'll find yourself singing along with the woah-oh's in the chorus and the oh-oh-oh-oh's in the middle 8. It's bound to be a favourite to bounce along to live and it's pleasant enough to drift around the house from your stereo.

The B side is a cover of 'Modern Way' by The Cribs' good buddies, Kaiser Chiefs. This probably really was knocked out in one take in somebody's garage in about 5 minutes. Musically it remains pretty true to the original with that lovely little synth sound plodding along. Vocally however it takes woeful to a new level. The verses sound like your dad attempting to sing along on Singstar and when the "harmonies" kick in during the chorus there's the scuttling sound of every dog in the neighbourhood running for cover.