This is an archive of the band profile for Mexican DeathCap.

Mabh Savage - Vocals, Guitar
Jim Mapplebeck - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Gez - Bass, Backing Vocals
L.J - Drums

We are Mexican DeathCap. We're based in Leeds and have been going as a full line up for a year now.

It started with founding members Jim and Gez jamming in a basement with the sole purpose of trying to create something that wasn't already in the music scene, eventually finding a drummer ( L.J ) and a second guitarist (Lee Deaves) and a vocalist (Mabh Savage) the band soon came together in unity on a love of music (even though each members influences and tastes varied from each others to the extreme) and a love of getting absolutely trashed, the first gig after being together fully for 4 months consisted of a 6 song set with a cover (Muse - Hysteria) Shortly after Deaves left the band to pursue a 2.4 life and the band carried on as a foursome. 8 months down the line the band have recorded a demo, gigged constantly and written a barrage of new songs and are at the moment promoting their own all dayer rock festival at Bradford Rio called Behemoth. Mexican DeathCap are impossible to 'pigeon hole' in today's standard music scene. combining the influences of metal, funk, rock, stoner, emo, indie, and jazz, with heavy guitar riffs and melodic power vocals and a political agenda they are something not to be missed..