This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by The Pigeon Detectives. The review was written by Chris Woolford in 2005.

The Pigeon Detectives are one of the most entertaining live bands around Leeds at the moment. On stage their frantic and furious frontman belts out shambolic rock ‘n’ roll gems like there’s no tomorrow, often threatening to decapitate one of the band’s guitarists as he throws his mic stand, microphone and himself around the stage in an uncontrolled fit of pleasure.

While this self-titled CD just falls short of the standard of their live shows it’s still a cracker. All three tracks are potential singles and are clearly fuelled by late night drinking sessions, drug addled friends and dangerously loose women.

Opener ‘You Know I Love You’ feels like an ode to drunken sex on a one-night stand. “You know I love you so take off your clothes” lie the vocals as guitars chug and chink away until the song’s brought to an emphatic end with a spiky lead riff. Then follower ‘Don’t Know How To Say Goodbye’ sees the aforementioned shag being unceremoniously dumped in a beautifully catchy two-minute pop song.

The Pigeons save the best for last with ‘I’m Not Sorry’. Another punchy rock ‘n’ roller about a bitter ex, the track reaches a frantic crescendo with screaming guitars, pounding drums and almost certainly a stray mic stand ripping through the recording studio’s beer soaked carpet.

The Pigeons play their music like there’s no tomorrow, look great and boast tunes that are as addictive as the cigs and Stella which fuel their infectious energy. You just can’t help but love ‘em.