This is a review of "EP1" recorded by Napoleon IIIrd. The review was written by Gavin Miller in 2005.

"In life, I'm excited by things that I don't understand" goes the opening line to Napoleon IIIrd's debut, a 7" single on the fast-becoming-legendary-already Dance To The Radio label. The subtle synths and marching drums of 'Anti Patria' paint the backdrop for some lovely fingerpicking guitar and an almost shouted vocal. It's odd, but in a very good way.

'Celebrity Standups' continues the almost military flavoured music, all brass and rattling drums. If Boneapart were cracking on today, I'm sure he'd go marching with his namesake by his side.

To wrap up the EP, 'No Science' rattles on for a while, barely structured and sounding pretty confused. 'You Destroy Music' though, finishes the CD with charm and warmth. The brass section pierces through more booming drums and at one point it sounds like the mangled wet dream of some severe free jazz performers. It's a chaotic mess, but a beautiful one.