This is a review of "Sloppiness Counts" recorded by The 42 Tones. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2001.

Ska. There's something about Leeds and ska music. The 42 Tones sit nicely right in the middle of that genre, and from all accounts these are a very young seven-piece band doing quite well for themselves. Opening their CD with a very pertinent line, "The scene don't suck, So stop you're moaning, The scene don't suck, So shut up", this is a band who are trying to establish themselves on the local music circuit - and I see no problems with them doing this.

The talent is there. The musicianship is there and there's a nice, happy bouncy feel to the music, which I've learnt is so typical of this genre. I like the backing vocals and I also like the way that there are distinct moments of singing. It makes what The 42 Tones do stand out slightly from others I've heard locally.

What it does lack however, is something that I want to shout out about - there's nothing really that I feel I'm going to remember come next week, which is a shame.

There's a moment in "Summer Song" that kicks off a bit, and this is something that I feel they do well and should emphasise and put energy into. This song also showcases their young adolescent lyrics: "I like summer smoking bongs, I like girls in tiny thongs, I hope you like our summer song". In answer to their question - I do.

If you like to dance at your gigs, check these guys out. You'll have a great time. "Feel Da Funk" - Yeah.