This is an archive of the band profile for Western Suburbs.

Western Suburbs are

Joss Worthington - Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Marc Ransley - Guitar, Pedal Steel
Michael Lawless – Bass, Vocals
Katie James – Drums

Western Suburbs take their inspiration from songwriters and groups such as Smog, Bonnie Prince Billy, Wilco, Pavement, Mercury Rev and Red House Painters etc.

The band is based in Ripponden, a village in the rural heartland of West Yorkshire. Surrounded by a backdrop of breathtaking moorland scenery and village gossip, Ripponden has proven to be a great source of inspiration for the group, particularly lyric writer Joss Worthington whose songs often serve as short stories on small town life.

The band initially started as a bedroom recording experiment between Joss Worthington and long term songwriting collaborator Marc Ransley, drafting in rhythm sections when required. After sending their demo single The Road out and receiving airplay from Radio 1 and 6 Music the band decided it was time to take the show out on the road.

When looking for a rhythm section to recruit to play live with them the band (bizarrely enough) had to look no further than next door. Mick Lawless had just moved in next door to Joss and after their initial small talk it was revealed that he was a bass player looking for a new band to play with. Stranger still he was soon to take in a new lodger called Katie James a drummer in a local rock band.

Celestial prophecies aside the newly completed band took to the nearby bubbling Leeds Live Scene in early 2005 quickly establishing a live following and winning them glowing live reviews..