This is a review of "Nova IV" recorded by Nova. The review was written by Simon Glacken in 2005.

Experimentation seems to be what Nova are all about. The desire to fuse firmly together indie rock and electronica is part of their agenda. The problem with experimentation is that when it goes wrong it’s a mess but get it right and we all benefit.

“Get the Drift” is a jumbled collection of obscure effects and sounds that overwhelm the song beneath like Mansun being jumped by the Aphex Twin down some alley in Wales. But don’t worry it’s not all doom and gloom. “Rise all fallen souls” & “Someday, Someway” are fresh and exciting, and a clear demonstration that when a band tries new things and it works they sound rather brilliant. A blend of mixed beats and rock & roll thrown in with enough interesting ideas to confuse the most educated of listeners.

“A breach of the peace” hints towards Primal Scream with a pulsating bass line that rips through the song while God knows how many beats are thrown around in the area. On first listen it seems confusing but like all good music it just requires a little effort and time on your part. Invest in the work of Nova and you’ll be better off for it.