This is a review of "Like a Green Moray on a National Path" recorded by Michael Rossiter. The review was written by Rory Holl in 2005.

A very relaxing chilled out effort from Michael Rossiter, this roughly recorded demo is something of a little gem, sounding like the backing music for Watercolour Challenge or any other relaxing daytime show for your grandparents. His soothing classical inspired guitar pieces are short in length and are enough to chill out to on a hot summer's day. This one isn't really for me but I appreciate the talent this man has as a very able and very well played guitarist. His pieces have emotion and melody and his talent flows throughout the three pieces.

A very enjoyable first listen, but I don't know if it will be getting any repeat plays from my CD player, but it is a fantastic effort for anyone who likes this sort of thing, so thumbs up to Michael Rossiter, the classical acoustic guitar legend from space!