This is a review of "A New Tomorrow" recorded by Seed Brothers. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

There appears to be quite a few bands called Seed, this one however are two brothers from Leeds. Their brand of safe pop-rock is well produced and performed but lacks any real ingenuity. The songs come and go dealing with little in particular... love, love, hating work, lost love, people not understanding you etc. Style wise Seed sound like Richard Ashcroft with Chris De Burgh’s penchant for reverb, it works but only in a practical sense. The band do occasionally strike oil, “I miss the love” is as good as anything Ashcroft could do himself with huge sweeping strings and superb harmonising vocals to give the La’s a run for their money. “I’m ok, you’re ok” likewise is 90’s Mersey-Indie at its best with a chorus as big as anything Oasis could muster circa Definitely Maybe. But over 10 songs there is sadly plenty of opportunity to throw up a few duds like the (about as groovy as M-people) “Groove Tonight” and the bizarre “Corporate World” with its chorus of “Here we go again swinging from each others cocks”, no it really does say that.

As a project it’s ambitious and the band have a great sound, but some trimming round the edges is definitely required to let the real gems shine.