This is a review of "Career Opportunities" recorded by Metro. The review was written by Andy Buchan in 2005.

Formed only 6 months ago, Wakefield trio Metro play spiky, garage pop. And with some distinction. Opener ‘Career opportunities’ warbles confidently enough, echoing Lush at their aggressive while ‘My lover’ is a long lost Belly b-side, all longing vocals and high strung guitars. It’s a tidy little package that doesn’t stray too far from the basics, prime 90’s guitar solos aside.

Best however is closer ‘Alter Ego.’ More robust, Sally’s vocals sound like a younger, New Yorkshire Blondie while the guitars rumble and tumble in practised pop plundering. Tight and efficient, with a little more variation and some twinkling dynamics, they could be the new Subways.