This article was published in 2005.

The first two singles from the second series of the Wrath Records "Super Sevens" singles club are out now! Subscribers to the club will be getting their copies direct, with the singles also available individually via independent music shops around the country.

The first 7" features the bands Being 747 and The Lodger who contribute the tracks "DIY Prescriptions" and "Getting Special" respectively. The second 7" split single features Stuffy and The Fuses (Sir Wants Sex) and The secret Hairdresser (Copier).

If you would like to join the Super Sevens singles club and receive these (and more) singles through your letterbox the moment they are released you still can - send a cheque for £18 payable to Wrath Records to:

Wrath Records
The Cardigan Centre
145-149 Cardigan Road
LS6 4LJ.

Your subscription includes six 7" singles (12 bands), a CD compilation, P&P, and any other goodies the Wrath Records label decide to send your way!