This is a review of "The Attic Tapes" recorded by The Hightones. The review was written by Rory Holl in 2005.

Oh yeah baby, bring back that rock and roll! Only - if they could play and sing that would be great, but with out of tune vocals and guitars throughout I must say that from listening to this first track “Till The Night Is Through” I am NOT impressed. Bloody hell how horrible is that guitar solo?!!

Whoa! The second track comes out in the form of a frantic blues rock song called “Love Ain't No Good” with the rolling snare and the crazy acoustic guitar - this is not a bad tune at all but yet I think the vocals spoil it a bit.

The next few tracks are of the same calibre; nice tuneful, bluesy, semi-acoustic or dirty electric hits of sentimental soft rock blues, oh and a harmonica... I just can't really stick this guy's singing voice, probably a matter of taste but it's just how it is.

This CD isn't terrible, but really it isn't that great. The Hightones could try developing more of an interesting sound for them - I like blues guys but not how you play it, maybe some more experience down the pipeline and a new singer could really fall in your favour.