This is a review of "Last Call" recorded by Sean Forde. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

Little is known about Sean Forde as his accompanying biog for this home produced demo is made up of a scribbled tracklist and a one line demand that it be reviewed. The six songs are raw and through the home recording set-up rather than through intention, every bit of wobbly or stuttering acoustic guitar is there for all to hear. Mr Forde does however have a strong voice and it helps carry the show. Song wise it’s a mixed bag and at the best it has an Evan Dando sort of innocence but at worst it’s just a bit awkward. “Standing on the side” is an excellent little song with a truly soulful vibe but in contrast opener “Superman” fails with an experiment with wit, while “Fools Like Me” manufactures a pained chorus couplet of “fool” and “cool”. Forde is definitely at his best when he keeps it simple such as the innocent “Just Go Home”. If this is a debut (ahem biog) then it is a brave start from a singer songwriter with promise.