This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Zealous. The review was written by Tony Pasquariello in 2005.

Right from the word go, you can tell that Zealous are a force to be reckoned with. They describe themselves as "Modern rock with a dynamic twist", and yes, the modern rock part of the statement statement is just about true but the “dynamic twist” I'm not too sure about though. The first track on their CD is “Queen Of All”, a thunderous song reminiscent of early Queens Of The Stone Age. Its driving bass line and heavily distorted guitar really pushes the music across and the vocalist has a great range, his vocals really put the icing on the cake. The only thing that really lets this track down, and it may be down to personal taste, is the big "widdly diddly" guitar solo in the middle that does the song no justice whatsoever, and I think it spoils what would otherwise be an excellent song.

The second track, “Time and Again”, has a slightly more relaxed feel to it. Not as full on, this track has a much catchier vocal line and this is where the vocalist excels himself. The vocals really do stand out on this track, more so than the previous.

The overall songwriting on this CD is very good, and I would like to hear more from this band. Will they be able to perform as good live? Only time will tell.