This is an archive of the band profile for Never So Few.

They say that what doesn't destroy us makes us stronger, and this is certainly the case with Never So Few. Fresh from the spectacular car wreck of something that was never meant to be, guitarist Richard Gibson, bassist John Allison and vocalist Andrew Ibbotson decided to push things forward. A short while later the nascent band was guided towards the talents of drummer Matthew Fisher. The lineup complete, a concentrated burst of intensive songwriting took place, and a sound was honed. A sound that drips with ambition. A sound of such sonic beauty it could be sent from heaven, yet heavy enough to come from hell. Essentially, a thunderstorm.

With drums powerful enough to pin you against a wall, basslines heavy enough to shatter your ribcage, vocals powerful enough to split eardrums and shimmering, cutting guitars capable of decapitation, Never So Few are a maelstrom of power.

Sure, all thunderstorms are beautiful, but they’ve never sounded as beautiful or as loud as Never So Few.

Never So Few entered the studio in mid June and recorded three songs: the sinister Nobodys Rain, the aural assault of This Is A Test, and the brooding epic Headlights..