This is a review of "s/t" recorded by Your Vegas. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

Back before this Leeds scene was a glint in its father's eye, before the advent of websites and online bitching / back-slapping forums, Orka were a name to be reckoned with, hotly tipped by those photocopying their fanzines (ask your dads) and looking dead set to be rich, famous and arrogant. Like so many before, all the hot air was just that and their day seemed to have passed. History lesson over, but at least it should let you see through the small untruth at the start of Your Vegas’ biog that reads “Your Vegas were together for little over six months before being signed” when really it seems all those years spent knocking on the door have meant someone finally let them in under the new name.

Two songs on offer and if memory serves there is still a lot of their past guise present here although they have now introduced a certain Killers element to their U2 / Feeder blend. So, not ground breaking but good none the less. Opener and self titled track “Your Vegas” even has U2’s “Beautiful Day” drum beat but opts for a more club rather than stadium approach to its chorus. B-side “Aurora” is also big feeling and friendly, not to mention catchy which is surely a ploy to introduce the band with a bang.

In Your Vegas Leeds has another accomplished, polished and powerhouse of a band but on their Top Trumps card they rank low on the originality stakes, even if they do come only a narrow second to Parva... sorry the Kaiser Chiefs in the staying power category... see everyone’s doing it.