This is a review of "Stealing all the awesome" recorded by Due To Debt. The review was written by Danny Martin in 2005.

Ok, so the cover note with this CD states “Our music is intended to cross heavy rock with the emotion of blues and the aggression of metal along with melodies and feelings produced from the best songs we enjoy ourselves”. Erm confused as hell then. And sadly this EP strains to emanate any decent material on either of these crossbred intentions.

It really doesn’t help that lead vocalist Adam Jowens cant really sing that well, harsh maybe but without a strong vocal (and some bands have carried it of) the musical background has to have some spark, some solid base. Due To Debt just have a contrasting array of fidgety wearisome melodies, kooky drum fills and the odd manic guitar solo, but not a sniff of cohesion. Live I bet they are dreadful.

Opening “Snookered” isn’t that bad and some nice riffs and skin work flirts briefly with toe tapping early stones, sadly though the EP spirals downwards from there and a real low point is “Distant roads” which seems never to get out of Neutral. Just a big blur of predictable, tired guitar work and lazy vocals.

All without doubt worthy stand alone musicians. In my opinion though they need to refresh things in every sense and gain some clarity on what they are trying to achieve. Have a look at what works and what doesn’t and either jack it in or emerge a different butterfly. One thing is certain, this present one sure is ugly.