This is a review of "Bloodstream EP" recorded by Stateless. The review was written by Simon Glacken in 2005.

Bloody hell aren’t we all lucky to be part of the Leeds scene these days?  Almost every week there’s another great band churning out yet another rather splendid CD. This time it’s the turn of Stateless who bring us some mighty fine trip hop, which has already got the messiah himself, DJ (his name is Josh Davis if you didn’t know) Shadow all giddy. So if it’s good enough for the grand master then who am I to argue?

Title track “Bloodstream” is a delicate affair and one of those wondrous moments where you have to reach for the repeat button just to confirm how great it actually was and of course once that’s over you’ve got to go back and listen again because now you bloody love the damn tune. It’d be relatively easy to not even get past the first song mainly due to being lost to the gorgeous aching piano and some bittersweet vocals all surrounded by an engaging soothing beat.

But hurrah there’s even more, three more songs in fact. At times it flows like one of A.I.M’s finest moments with an electro atmosphere usually left to the likes of Boards of Canada. And of course let’s not forget DJ Shadow. His influence is every present but this isn’t a case of imitation. Instead the likes of Endtroducing and the Private Press have probably been the catalyst, the building blocks to the sound that Stateless have now and that sound is superb.