This article was published in 2005.

Mean Fiddler have today announced the selection for the 21 bands that will make up the line up for the Lee Sounds Unsigned Stage at this year's Leeds Festival. The stage will host the bands over each of the three days, with music running from midday through to 7.30pm.

Over the summer, BBC Raw Talent and the Sandman magazine received hundreds if not thousands of applications and CDs from bands wishing to appear on the stage. These were then reduced down to 130 bands from across the North of the UK, and along with the assistance of Mean Fiddler's Neil Pengelly this list was reduced to the final 21. Also included in this list are three bands that were nominated by Lee, the stage sponsors. Those selected bands are;

This Et Al, The Favours, Lyca Sleep, iLiKETRAiNS, The Kiks, Deserves To Die, The Harrisons, 65 Days Of Static, Future Ex Wife, The Xenith Sound, Pilla, Circlesound, Parisman, The Adventures Of Loki, Chicken Legs Weaver, Your Vegas, Censored, Cardboard Cowboy, Fifty Nine Violets, The Sunshine Underground, Turismo, Mr Mojo, New Minds Eye and Last People On Earth.

As not all of the listed bands had confirmed their availabiity at the time of Mean Fiddler's announcement, the list may alter slightly over the next few weeks.

Also playing the same stage are the top six from the summer's annual Futuresound competition, which will be announced officially at the Cockpit on Friday evening. That brings the total number of bands playing the Lee Sounds Unsigned Stage up to around thirty.

In related Leeds Festival news, more day tickets have been released to bring the number attending the festival over the three days to 60,000 visitors. As always check the Leeds Festival site for up to date Leeds Festival news.