This is an archive of the band profile for Rivers.

Rivers formed in January 2005 just as the momentum of the great Leeds race to make it was gathering pace. They were justifiably crowned band of the month in August of the same year at a time when our very own Kaiser Chiefs were unleashing their debut on the public and The Sunshine Underground had garnered a place on the coveted Unsigned Stage at Leeds Festival.

The outfit has undergone a line-up alteration and now consists of Jack Simpson on vocals and guitars, Ryan Mulhern on bass, Ryan Laking on drums and both on supporting vocals respectively, and Matt Basierak in charge of keyboards and sounds. The band also draft in others on occasion for live performances most notably recently the Beach Boys/Byrds harmonies of The Avenues' Richard Stephenson and Ed Dawson.

Their recent performance at Wustock 2007 received a rapturous crowd reception not to mention rave reviews from the likes of the Yorkshire Evening Post who wrote 'their performance feels like genius'. And if you namedrop Rivers in conversation with knowledgeable Leeds music folk, you're not likely to find many with a bad word to say about them.

Rivers are an evolving musical gang who cite other genres, books and the times they live in as highly in their influences as any guitar bands. Rivers hope to make music that soundtracks lives and mean as much to someone as people and bands that have come before and meant much to them.

The band will play a spate of gigs in November '07 before going in to the studio to record their second single Shine, out on Soundpeople records Spring next year..