This is a review of "Influence" recorded by Move To Cuba. The review was written by Simon Glacken in 2005.

I’ve been listenig to some cool CDs recently. The new Martin Grech album is rather insane and the lastest effort by This Et Al is a bit of an epic while Dalek has been opening my mind to a whole new side of hip-hop. Meanwhile Stateless and Dead! Dead! Dead! have added to the fun.

So I feel a little sorry for Move To Cuba as their CD interrupts my listening time. There’s a little note that comes with their CD that says, “Play It Loud” and I did just that. I’m guessing my socks were meant to be blown off or my ears were meant to bleed due to some severe rock action but sadly this never happened. Instead the likes of “Stargazer” are a little lacklustre. There’s no real kick to them. Most likely live this is a different story, in fact live they probably kick arse but on record they sound like big girls' blouses waving their weedy guitars around.

The tunes themselves are hardly anything we haven’t heard a million times before. A mix of grunge and emo, which doesn’t result in an engaging experience.

Keep on trying though big guys.