This is an archive of the band profile for Hulafrau.

Nick Copland - vocals, keyboards, shouting and hitting stuff, Paul Farago - bass, trousers, Simon Wood - keyboards, trombone, knob-twiddling.

Formed by Nick and Paul, originally joined by Steve a guitarist, the band made unstructured songs with lots of loose noodling. Simon joined in Jan 04, but Steve left soon afterwards, leaving the band a little rudderless. A bit of a swap around was needed, Nick came out from behind his drums to sing, fiddle with electrics and keyboards, while Simon dusted off his trombone for the solos... Hulafrau was born. Cut our teeth in the autumn of 2004 with a series of good DIY gigs, then back to reheaseals for the first half of 2005. Demo/CD due out this summer...

The style is mostly electro-rock with bits of other genres chucked in. Eclectic, amusing, strong melodies, and a groovy bassline. Varied influences have been plundered - post punk stuff, a little bit of dance/midi, and some chugging tunes. Hulafrau have been favourably compared to a 'cheerful Joy Division' but not sure. We all like different things - Kings of Leon, Soft Cell, King Crimson, Aphex twin ??? Like I said... varied!.