This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Dead Disco. The review was written by Sam Robson in 2005.

I wasn’t sure if it was because I’d just seen the picture that came in the CD sleeve that I thought this music sounded really sexy. So I closed my eyes and pictured big hairy truckers singing it with gallons of sweat pouring down their fat red faces, and it was still sexy. I don’t know whether this is a valid test or it just says something strange about me, but I’ll carry on. ‘The Treatment’ bounces around nicely, a high-pitched synth grates slightly but there’s some lovely “woah oh ohs” in there and a strong pop chorus that breezes in and out placing itself perfectly. The vocal sounds are exactly like Debbie Harry if she was brought up in England, and the Blondie influence is heavy throughout the CD.

Track 2 ‘Too late’ adopts the pomp of Duran Duran, and is held together by a new-wave rhythm section that is reminiscent of more recent revivalists. It bounds along as if it’s being played in a mile long queue for a toilet, yet the itchy mood catches the listener by the end of the track, so it still wins you over even though it’s probably the weakest track on the CD.

Closer ‘City Place’ finally nails the synth sound and it all comes together. This is my favourite as the vocals are more confrontational (a slight hint of Karen O in the verse), and the backing vocals provide a fattening to the sound that was missed previously, this song is Atomic by Blondie in a modern day setting. Keep the faith girls, the disco ain’t dead just yet.