This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by The Dharma. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

Leeds' own The Dharma (formerly know as Unyson) display a buried love of Freedom Rock on this 3 track demo, that’s big choruses, hands in the air and the wind in your hair. It’s buried under a slightly more acceptable sound but usually around the chorus it can’t help but stick its neck out and grin. There’s nothing bad about this, it probably feels great playing it live, legs apart and a knowing head nod back and forth.

Of the 3 tracks on offer one stands head and shoulders above the rest, “The Forgotten” is a Feeder-esque swell with the big hook chorus and romping play-out. A “set ender” as its known in the business, the one friends and family no doubt immediately identify with the post gig band to say “I loved that one you did at the end”. “Eight Mile Queue” promises so much in its “We don’t give a f**k” intro of cool drums and snotty feedback but the watering mouth dries up pretty quickly with the rather standard riff driven rock adorned with a Led Zep vocal that follows. In fact it’s worth mentioning Paul Houlihan’s vocal style which flips between the afore mention Led Zep wail, to a relaxed and pleasant on the ear gravelled rock style for “Eight Mile Queue” before turning into something rather nasal and unpleasant for closer “Science Fiction”.

The Dharma have a solid rock foundation to build on and a good ear for big choruses which is never a bad thing, but they are yet to find that sound that will help them stand out from the rest.