This is a review of "C'mon Chameleon" recorded by The Research. The review was written by Joe Dennett in 2005.

Last Sunday night I found myself rather drunk, picking my way through a spider’s web of guy ropes and trying to avoid being coshed by over zealous security guards in riot gear or falling into burning piles of tents. Just when I was beginning to feel the toll of four days on a pot noodle, beer and cereal bar diet I came across something I couldn‘t quite believe. A small group of festival goers were dancing round a tinny sounding old beatbox to something that instantly brought back all those many memories of a childhood spent eating mushrooms to double my size, growing a racoon’s tail in order to fly and jumping on turtles. No I was not fed hallucinogenic drugs by my hippy parents. I am referring of course to the theme from Super Mario.

OK Sunday night at Leeds story out of the way on with the review. This is the second single from The Research and it’s that good I haven’t stopped listening to it yet. ‘C’mon Chameleon’ is a macabre story of burying your girlfriend told in angelic voices and bop bop la la harmonies. ‘I Love You But...’ is the track that made me fall in love with The Research when I first saw them play. The stark lyrical honesty brings to mind Arab Strap and will bring a lump to your throat for at least the first two hundred and seventeen times you listen to it.

Cutesy as little children they may be but lose any attached notion of The Research being an ephemeral novelty. ’I love you but...’ is the track of 2005. Ain’t no one telling you that the Princess is in another fucking castle after you‘ve heard this. The Research are cutesy like Super Mario Bros.