This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Offramp. The review was written by Paul Drake in 2005.

Metal. After much deliberation, discussion, digestion, I would have to say, my favourite type of Metal would have to be Pig Iron. Mussolini’s boys churned out a shitload of the stuff in the 1940’s. When it comes to the musical genre, I’m not the biggest fan. Respect due to Offramp, as they have produced a demo that comes a close second to my Fascist favourites.

I was surprised by the apparent youthfulness of the group, as they make such a mature sound, particularly in a niche saturated by middle-class whiners, moaning that their mommys wouldn’t let them stay out ‘til late last night, and daddy wouldn’t buy them that new Marshall stack they had groaned for. No such problem for Offramp, their measured approach doesn’t allow them to be dragged into the mire. However, it is in a swampy dirge they reside through choice, and with skill and subtlety they prevail. Kiddie metallers take heed.

To elaborate, this demo serves up three premium cuts, complete with gargantuan guitar Goulash. Pretty tasty, particularly the closing track, “Human Disease”, which offers up a 16 oz T-Bone of a chorus. Up beat and engaging, it epitomises the Offramp recipe (apologies for the food references, I shouldn’t have written this review on my lunch break).

The only qualm I would have is the lyrics. Maybe I am straying onto a road taken, but there is only so many times you can write about betrayal, hatred and contempt. I’m sure Mr Wilson feels very strongly about these issues, and the delivery is rock solid, but it wasn’t long before old Mr Attention began to wander. This is the one area that the band employs youthful exuberance over assurance. I suspect this is deliberate, and does work on most levels.

I am a picky little git though.