This is a review of "Offering" recorded by 6 Fingered Man. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

Most new bands tend to struggle to find their sound and manage instead to just about hold together some songs. With 6 Fingered Man it’s the other way round, a clear ear for what they want to sound like but a slightly forgettable approach to songwriting. It’s a feeling that you should be remembering what you’re hearing but can’t figure out why not. The effect is reminiscent of a band who jam bits of music that sound good and then the unlucky singer has to come up with words on the spot that usually result in rhyming lines like “You can waste my time” and “I feel fine”... oh look that’s exactly what they’ve done on “Time Waster”.

The longterm effects of this combined with Drew Lewis’ unconfident breathy vocals is that there is nothing to care about. Sound wise there’s definite potential with an early Creation Records vibe going on ala Swervedriver or Adorable (probably a result of the towering reverb on the guitar) both of whom continue to be coveted by record collectors.

With some songs to match the sound 6 Fingered Man could be offering a lot more.