This is a review of "Can't Let It Go / Seven Days" recorded by LaRusso. The review was written by Holden DeForge in 2005.

A two note guitar motif grabs your attention before a stop start vocal line slowly leads you into the pogo inducing chorus of 'Can't Let It Go'. Lyrical dry wit is thrown in for good measure too "I'm listening to the Smiths again, they're so miserable now, I'm so miserable now"; a slight dig at obsessive fans perhaps? Coming in at 2:22 (a third of the devil - yikes!) it's a chipper rock song with a great middle 8 that shows how simple and effective bending notes can be.

Summer pop harmonies introduce '7 Days' before Ric Miller again shows he can conjour some wonderful vocal lines. The rest of the band kick out a nice groove on which Miller can weave his vocal before crashing into the chorus. The production isn't quite on the money but you feel if someone gave these boys a budget they'd be pretty dangerous.