This is a review of "Skydiver / Make Some Hay" recorded by Loudmouth Soup. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

Celebrating the fact that their track “Skydiver” is currently being used by the TV series “A Bears Tail” may be financially gratifying but the double edged sword is that a track chosen for a comedy show usually has some tell tale traits and not necessarily ones that make right for a single. “Skydiver” sounds like incidental music and it’s easy to see why it appealed to the shows producers but it’s not something that sticks in the brain for the right reasons as is the case when you find yourself humming the music from an advert for cheese. Ironically and thankfully b-side “Make Some Hay” is a much better song and sounds like a more mature Thrills only a lot less Top-man. Pedal steel slides around in the background and the bridge even borrows directly from The Thrills with its roll into the chorus. It’s the perfect make up for the let down of the title track and is just right for a sunny afternoon in the garden.