This is a review of "Anti-Love EP" recorded by The Voltaires. The review was written by Mark Casci in 2005.

Unashamedly living the 1977 dream, The Voltaires are pure new wave rock and roll. You can almost smell the leather jackets and CBGBs t-shirts as you put this demo into your stereo. Albeit far from ground breaking, the “Anti-Love” EP makes for damn good listening.

Named after the seminal 17th century philosopher, the band’s musical influences are far less cerebral, centring around The Stooges/Ramones/Blondie axis that makes for such rewarding listening. Fronted by the bastard offspring of Iggy Pop and Keith Morris, his yelping vocals carry the three tracks here, not to mention firing of some damned fine harp playing too. Elsewhere, two guitars chop out riffs like lines of coke in a Greenwich Village bathroom, while the rhythm section does what it is supposed to; make the motherfucker bounce along.

On the evidence contained on this sparsely recorded and understated demo, they’d be probably be pretty fucking good live too so check the listings for the next time you fancy some good old-fashioned no-nonsense record.