This is an archive of the band profile for The Rogueflys.

The Rogueflys formed at the end of 2003 after the breakup of former Leeds band 'Spaceball'.

Starting out as a 3-piece, it wasn't long before they drafted in the services of both lead guitarist and lead vocalist plus the all important addition of sound engineer which completed the line up.

The band have been described as indie/rock but from the outset it was clear the they wanted to be a little bit different and not 'just another covers band' concentrating on current day tunes by bands such as Kings of Leon, The Killers, Jet, Shed 7 to name but a few and lesser known album tracks which are none the less very catchy and brilliant songs.

Original material has now been penned and plans are in place for a 3 track CD which the band will be recording shortly.

Anyone with an interest in 'live' music should try and get along to one of their shows even if it is just to witness the total 'in your face' enthusiasm of the lead singer !!.