This is an archive of the band profile for Anti-depressants.

The hypothetical road that the Anti-depressants has travelled has been a long and sometimes rocky one. After a few trademark fallings out, name changes, line up changes there emerges the band as it is today. The band that has the determination and the vision to try and take it all the way.

Consisting of four friends with a passion for music, the band features Chris Quick on electric guitar, bass guitar and backing vocals, Ben Preston on electric guitar, Michael Tarbatt on electro-acoustic guitar, bass and main vocals and Chris Hood on drums and percussion. The band takes their influences from a variety of different bands, artists and styles throughout musical history.

The band has recently gone from strengh to strengh with playing a Headling slot at The Vine and the recording of a new 3 Track ep. hope for the future is to simply continue writing and performing quality music. Anything else which is achieved along the way is a bonus in our eyes..