This is an archive of the band profile for Exoterik.

Anneka Latta - vocals and keyboards
Tom Fay - guitars
Dave parry - bass
Steve Riley - drums and samples

Exoterik side-step the excesses of their peers to bring classy dark, brooding yet energetic female-fronted rock into the lives of the musically deprived.

The band was formed in late October 2003, from a collection of musicians that were playing in different local bands. They decided to form Exoterik to try and create a unique rocky sound with keyboards and samples blending into a crunchy back line. Having a female vocalist (Anneka) completed the music on both a visual and auditory level. Although the band has only been gigging for a short period of time, they have received much praise from both the press and the audiences to whom they play.

The 2004 demo "Unique Klone" is available from HMV Leeds and Manchester but expect all new recordings soon as the band heads towards the studio within the next few months. For those of you wanting to hear it sooner rather than later check out our upcoming gigs!.