This is a review of "So This Is What The Soldiers Did" recorded by Kram. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

It's time to hold hands up and pay a knowing nod to Kram as this year's most dramatically improved band. It’s genuinely hard to believe this is the same band that once ground out a rather dismal attempt at grunge on their debut, for now they are transformed. Clearly Kram have matured in their tastes and no doubt where they once sported Nirvana t-shirts and thrashed about, they now proudly rub their chins about the rare Muse b-sides and Radiohead imports they have in their record collections while In Utero gathers dust on the shelf… and thank goodness. Somethingism belts its way in to your head spontaneously moving your foot and shifting your arms into a guitar wielding position. The long nights spent listening to The Bends clearly pay dividend on the multi-sectioned and idea layered title track as it rolls like an epic homage to Paranoid Android. Yes there are a lot of the same references but Kram avoid a simple rip off job by making it all rather enjoyable and throwing enough energy in they could power a small town. Closer Escapade feels like something This Et Al would happily turn out and if such plaudits are sent their way then why shouldn’t Kram being having a slice of that pie? Its towering guitars and whooping drums will have your straightened hair curling my lad. Great! The only thing against Kram is that they may just have found their sound a moment too late as the rest of the music scene heads off towards Gang of Four and PIL inspired territory… but screw fashion when you can be this loud and loveable.