This is a review of "The Runner EP" recorded by Finka. The review was written by Tim Hann in 2005.

This second self-released EP, from Manchester based 4 piece Finka, carries on what the band’s “The Whistleblower” EP started a mere 6 months ago.

Opening track “Sharp Sharp” is an aggressive, tight little number which shows that this band can rock. But rocking is not necessarily what they do best, as the next two songs “The Runner” and “Bigger Boat” prove. Each has a bit of a groove and nodding glances to mid to late 80’s indie influences which combine extremely well.

Much of Finka’s strength and charm lies in the interplay between singer Jimmy Frith and guitarist Adam Coy. Both sound supreme in their abilities and confidence comes across in abundance. They may not push musical boundaries, test limits of experimental endurance or throw many surprises, but Finka do craft great pop tunes.

Repeated listening is very easily done and this EP seems to consistently improve with more plays which is always a sign of real quality.