This is an archive of the band profile for Piskie Sits.

Al Donlon - Keyboards, Vocals
Craig Hale - Vocals, Guitar
Nick Hawes - Guitars
Christopher Lambert - Drums
Mark Wilson - Bass, Vocals

Craig Hale carries round a tiny silver 'piskie' with him wherever he goes. Not only does this bring him luck during the drudgery of his postal round, but it also reminds him of endless summers down in the beautiful peninsula of Cornwall as a young lad. Now Craig is just about grown up and every year he still makes the long pilgrimage down to the south-west from his landlocked and gritty home city of Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Driven by the need for beaches, boozers, bookies and bumming around in general, a band of accomplices was recruited from home - Long time cohort Mark Wilson did the catering, incomprehensible Nick Hawes drove the van and Al Donlon got so drunk he disappeared and was found the
next day asleep under a bush. The boys sought to recreate these bleary-eyed summers back up north - the only way, it seems, was to form a band. They gave their mate Chris 'Lammy' Lambert a pair of drumsticks (they knew he'd get the hang of it eventually) and Piskie Sits were born.

Piskie Sits' racket is fuelled by a love of US slacker noisenik pioneers of the 80's/90's (Pavement, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur JR, Sebadoh, Breeders), their Scottish equivalents (JAMC, Teenage Fanclub, Vaselines) and classic English pop artists such as D. Bowie and Blur. Add swaggering northern bravado and a healthy dose of good-time absurdity and you may come close to understanding Piskie Sits' outlook.

The band as we know it has been in existence since Xmas 2004. In the space of 6 months, the group frantically spewed out 3 demonstration EPs - like the ascent of man, each one showed a vast step up in sophistication. The final EP, named '50's Greaser Uniform' caught the attention of Leeds outsider pop co-operative Wrath Records, who viewed Piskie Sits barrage of messy beauty as the perfect new blood for their label. Things are all set to kick off in the autumn of 2005 with Piskie Sits' debut release on Wrath as part of the 'Super Sevens' singles club series. The split 7" features their wonky epic 'Props' on one side and a track by close Wakefield friends, The Old House, on the other. With a personal invite to support rising pop stars The Research (also from Wakefield) on their entire tour and plans for a debut album release on Wrath, the latter part of 2005 is certainly looking to be a strangely hectic time for Piskie Sits as flagbearers of the burgeoning Wakefield scene. Prepare yourselves for the return of the slack!.