This is an archive of the band profile for The Sound Divide.

An incredible set up with a Scot and two Normanton Lads who met only by chance. After quite a few get together’s home and away, the Bassist only knowing ‘Peaches’ (The Stranglers) and John (the drummer) living 200 miles away, quit jobs to follow their passion of forming a band and in 2004 The Sound Divide was born.

A group made up of self taught, clearly talented musicians who have devoted themselves to creating a unique sound. Individually innovative and together create a positive and polished sound.

Who inspires them, classic groups such as The Who (the drummer is in John’s term, just simply the best), The Doors, Led Zeplin (a favourite of Lee’s), The Kinks and of course The Beatles. More modern influences range from Oasis, Coldplay, Nirvana, Muse, Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club, Reef and so on. The influences are vast, however, as far as putting a genre on The Sound Divide, it can only be said that they are very original with a rock and atmospheric feel to their music.

An inspirational sound from the unknown of Lee Knowles, kick’s into masses of creative material that makes The Sound divide what they are today. Sweet but raw sounds produced by a three piece that ‘seep into your mind and stay there’ (David Pickersgill, Wakefield Express reporter).

‘Sound outlined by a sound divine, A greater sound of all our minds, Divide that noise throughout our time, What is left is a Sound Divide’ John Wright (The Sound Divide drummer)

Since The Sound Divide was created, numerous gigs have been thoroughly enjoyed by a wide range of audiences who appreciate fulfilment through listening to a great sound.

A variety of venues have experienced The Sound Divide from Manchester Roadhouse, to Edinburgh Liquid Room and many more. They have experienced the feeling of playing to thousands and have won battle of the bands proving they are one band to be watched!.