This is an archive of the band profile for The 4s.

In the summer of 2000, some of the most phenomenal British rock acts from the past decade (including the Stereophonics, Pulp, Ian Brown, Primal Scream and Oasis) descended on the stages of the annual Leeds/Reading Carling Weekend Festival. Amongst the crowd on the final night of the weekend in Leeds, Simon and Adam Glass witnessed for the first time the power and energy of live music that some of these bands had to offer, which ultimately influenced them into forming The 4s.

Soon after this Simon and Adam purchased their first guitars, and began teaching themselves to play. The following year along with school friend Chris Carr on bass, and David Barron on drums, Simon and Adam took to a garage in the suburbs of Leeds under the name 'Revolution' and began writing songs with heavy influences from traditional British Rock 'n' Roll bands such as The Who, Rolling Stones, Oasis, The Clash, and The Undertones.

After two years of writing and rehearsing only very carefully selected material Revolution took to some of the smaller stages of Leeds' music scene, with mixed responses, however after only a few months of gigging, cracks started to appear within the bands line-up which ended with drummer David Barron's decision to leave and pursue his music career with another local band, Kaya.

After a year's break from playing with the band, and after a small stint as a solo artist, Simon was reunited with Adam, and the decision was made to give the band another go. They immediately contacted their old bassist Chris, and subsequently replied to an advert on the internet from drummer James Hunt, formerly of The Black Helicopters, a fairly successful Leeds based indie band, and began working on material of an indie, brit-pop, punk influence, under the new name The Fauves.

Due to fear of legal action from an already existing Austrailian group called The Fauves too, the band has thus changed its name to The 4s..