This is a review of "Bam Bam You're Dead" recorded by Bam Bam Francs. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

Just as early 90’s danceable Indie became synonymous with the shuffling drum beat first utilised by The Inspiral Carpets on Joe, the early 00’s seem set to become similarly associated with disco beat hi-hats and Gang of Four sparse spits of guitar riffs. Now before you think this is building up to a “it wasn’t like that in my day” rant, hold on! All eras/scenes need their characteristics or they couldn’t be classed as such in the first place and actually Bam Bam Francs are pretty neat exponents of one-tone shouty melody, staccato Indie disco and “your parents will hate it” stuff. Inspired to make their angular tones no doubt by such recent acts as The Rapture, in sympathy with fellow Leeds bands i.e. Forward Russia and maybe not realising it by the likes of PIL and Gang of Four, Bam Bam Francs offer plenty of their own imagination into the mix. There is a very good chance you will love it or hate it but you will be hard pressed to accuse the band of not using their noggins as this is full of ideas all wrestling for attention while sustaining your tapping foot through out. Most definitely at their best on the sprightly Antagonist and title track Bam Bam You’re Dead which has a certain sense of release, this is a four song debut of a band with a lot of promise in this era at least. Just beware the itchy feet of NME journalists who right now are searching for the next scene in their cauldron of fashion!