This is a review of "Carefree Demo" recorded by 4 Letter Holiday. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

Describing themselves as a no-nonsense rock band, 4 Letter Holiday hit the nail square on the head. It’s always interesting to consider what any band's motives are in the music they write/record/release. If it's having a good time playing music you love with some of your mates and doing it as much and as often as you can then frankly good on you. If in addition it's with the aim of making a career from it then some consideration should also be given to where you sit in the musical landscape. In recent times bands such as the 22-20s have made inroads with a contemporary twist on the blues rock format, bringing it up to date and generally shredding the baggage of a dusty genre. Now 4 Letter Holiday need to have a look at where they sit in the musical landscape because there’s nothing wrong with the 3 songs here other than a question of fashion. Jonny Speight has the makings of one hell of a good rock guitarist and Christian Temperley has a voice perfectly made to keep the dirty riffs company. The lyrics are sound enough but won’t change lives, then again why should they when this is the stuff of good healthy guitar fun? But who will this appeal to beyond the band's inner circle? It certainly won’t be be hooded kids or hair straightened waifs in 80s trackie tops – no it will be head nodding blokes in denim shirts and whiter than white trainers. Nothing wrong in that is there?