This is a review of "They Came For My Brain" recorded by Ludwig. The review was written by Ben Daure in 2005.

I really appreciate electronic warped music. Mainly because it’s almost like getting dance music and completely screwing the whole lot up creating something original. Often incorporating very psychosomatic drum beats with hundreds of deviating samples leaving the listener wondering if they have turned schizophrenic. It is not as repetitive as dance music and therefore much more enjoyable to listen to.

Ludwig sound like Aphex Twins’ “Select Ambient Works” but much more toned down. Almost too toned down in fact, as they seem to have demolished the very thing that makes electronic music so enjoyable (stable yet deviating rhythms). It’s very bare-boned leaving the album to appear unfinished rather than simple and effective. They have the right idea don’t get me wrong, and the introductions to their tracks are fantastic. There is something new every time, but again it fails to impress later on as the intro is just repeated over and over with the odd new sound spoiling what originality it had. At times there are actually no melodies whatsoever leaving you feeling somewhat lost.

However, despite the negatives there are some very good things about this album. There are some very nice synthetic effects as well as sounds that you wouldn’t usually expect to hear. Such as television/radio distortion (which works better than you might expect) as well as the very low stubby bass lines giving you that “robot” feel. “Girls World” has to be one of the best tracks on the album simply because of its very noir-like modulation accompanied by a “baby food” style melody (A highly tuned bass guitar with a very deep fuzzy distortion usually in minor keys) which seems to run in unison with the “brainwashing speaker tower” like samples.

“Her tumble dryer pipe became his arm” is another track that Ludwig should be proud of. It actually sounds like it is taken off of “Select Ambient Works.” Then given that special Ludwig feel with a steady drum beat and Nintendo-like synthesiser harmony. I think that the entire album has real potential it just needs that little something else to give it that spark to keep the Ludwig fire burning, perhaps some more melodies and key changes. But overall not bad.