This is a review of "Not For Mass Consumption" recorded by Steve Sanderson. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

A clear lover of Bob Dylan, Steve Sanderson is one man and his guitar on this album of 11 songs of folk blues, ever so occasionally joined by associates on bass and adding a touch of harmonica and electric where appropriate. As a former member of lost Leeds boys Attic Steve has no doubt seen it all before but experience alone does not guarantee the songs coming easy. Still this is a mature, accomplished, if a little stilted at times effort. Just as the nasal tones of Dylan are either something you become insanely in love with or just cause you to shrug in a “don’t get it” manner, Steve’s adopted vocal drawl is also going to be 50/50 for most. Songs wise nothing wholly sticks but some moments offer pleasant enough background listening. Compared to similar current Dylan inspired artists such as Stephen Fretwell, Sanderson still has to learn about keeping the one-man-no-band formula fresh over an entire album.